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From anneb <>
Subject Re: how to do arithmetic with variables inside logic controllers?
Date Sun, 04 May 2008 02:47:35 GMT
>  >
>  >  >  >  Is there a working sample around that does some variable arithmetic
>  >  >  >  wile iterating through a control loop?
>  >  >
>  >  >  Try using the User Parameters Pre-Processor instead; that will run
>  >  >  before every sample in scope.
>  >  >
>  >  >  Or use the functions on the samplers directly.
>  >  >
Thanks, I succeeded creating nested loops with multi-variable
arithmetic using the ${__javaScript()} function in the User Parameters

I did run into another issue though. I took me at least an hour or so
to discover that it is not allowed to have a trailing space in the
Loop Count field of the Loop Controller. If a trailing space is added,
the Loop Count field is treated as if it contains a zero. (JMeter
2.3.1, java.version=1.6.0_03,, os.arch=i386,

Thanks for updating the documentation and fixing multiple use of the
BSF sampler by Javascript. Will these fixes be part of the next

Does this list accept file attachments? If so, I would be happy to
attach the simplified .jmx file to hear if there are any obvious
improvements to be made and so that others can use it as a starting
point for other tests like mine.

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