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From "Michael Giroux" <>
Subject Re: How to specify single line qualifier (?s) with a response assertion pattern?
Date Mon, 12 May 2008 14:12:04 GMT
The referenced doc indicates that the
> These can be used anywhere within the expression, e.g.
> (?i)apple(?-i) Pie - matches "ApPLe Pie", but not "ApPLe pIe"

If I place the (?s) at end of pattern I get the failure shown below.

Assertion failure message : Bad test configuration
org.apache.oro.text.MalformedCachePatternException: Invalid
Unmatched parentheses.

I was able to place the (?s) at the start of the pattern and it did
match, so I'm in business for now, but thid does look like a bug.

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