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From "Michael Giroux" <>
Subject Re: How do you read and use values from a file?
Date Wed, 07 May 2008 21:12:47 GMT
> Variables are specifically designed to be local to threads (not just
> thread groups).
> This is because threads represent different users.
> JMeter properties are global, see:

It would be helpful to include little reminders such as this in the
documentation that creates variables.  For example, the __javaScript
function reminds us to "Remember to include the necessary quotes ..."

It would be handy to remind us that the reference name created by a
function or element is local to the thread.

Part of the confusion is caused by the fact that user defined
variables at the test plan level are visible to the entire plan, and
the reference is exactly the same ${varname} leading the first time
users of JMeter to think that any variable is global.

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