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From Ronan Klyne <>
Subject Re: AJAX Page load time analysis
Date Tue, 29 Apr 2008 12:17:37 GMT
bc9ams wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been using jmeter to run some page load times for a few sites, but I've
> run into a bit of a problem. Basically I want to get stats of how long whole
> pages (page + resources) take to load over a period of time, with differing
> number of users hitting the site.
> I realise that there is the 'Download all HTML content' checkbox which will
> do just this, but unfortunately it does not execute all the AJAX components
> of the website (of which there are many - basically the whole site). So this
> gives a deceptively low impression of the load time of pages.
> When you record a page load with the HTTP proxy (to capture all the
> resources, including the AJAX elements), and then run a test with it - it
> seems to treat each resource separately in a Aggregate / Summary report, so
> its difficult to get this sort of information (many of the images / AJAX
> resources all run the same server-side script so appear as the same entry in
> the report when they are in reality different resources [e.g. "image.php"
> where the requests were image.php?id=1234 and image.php?id=5678]).
> Is there any kind of mechanism to roll-up/group a set of resources into one
> transaction element to achieve this sort of reporting?

Seems like you want the Transaction Controller. Add your requests as 
children of this controller, and it'll generate a sample representing 
all of them, with summed up times.

> Oh and is there an out-of-the box mechanism to limit bandwidth of what
> jmeter allows each 'user' to use?
Not sure, personally. Perhaps the Constant Throughput Timer - I believe 
this does what you're describing, but I've never used that one...

	# r

Ronan Klyne
Business Collaborator Developer
Tel: +44 01189 028518

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