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From Ronan Klyne <>
Subject Re: Problem with testing rss channels
Date Wed, 09 Apr 2008 09:10:50 GMT
ewcia wrote:
> Hi 
> I want to test performance of rss channels in my aplication. I do that by
> going to some addres in browser 
> The adres is http://ip:port/channelId=CHANNELUUID&feedFormat=rss=rss_1.0
> In response I got XML dile with channel entries. I want to know if correct
> entries are returned.
> Problem is that I don't know what kind of request should it be and how to
> check this channel entries.
> When I sent http request with this two parameters channeluuid and feedFormat
> I didn't get any response. 
> Any ideas?  Help.

Using an HTTP request is correct.

Are you sure that the address you have given us is correct? It does not 
have a '?' anywhere, the feedFormat string has an unencoded '=' in it, 
and the channelId is part of the path section. Did you mean something 
like this:

We can't really help you more with entering your parameters in the right 
place in JMeter, until we know where they should go in the request...

	# r

Ronan Klyne
Business Collaborator Developer
Tel: +44 01189 028518

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