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From socio_pal <>
Subject __CSVRead Function
Date Thu, 24 Apr 2008 21:37:18 GMT

I have 3 CSV files in my Jmeter bin directory. One of the files have like 16
columns with info like Mobile Number, Address, CIty, State.... The other
ones just have different mobile numbers. Now I have defined these in the
UserParameter as:

failNum        ${__CSVRead(failure_num.csv,0)}
address       ${__CSVRead(failure_num.csv,1)}
city            ${__CSVRead(failure_num.csv,2)}
state          ${__CSVRead(failure_num.csv,3)}
successNum   ${__CSVRead(success_num.csv,0)}

In my SOAP/XML scripts I am using ${failNum}....etc. And I have a
threadgroup with LoopCount 20. I was expecting that for each iteration
Jmeter should pick up the values from a new row. But its not the case. The
values from Row1 of my CSV file is being used for all 20 iterations. How can
I let Jmeter know that it needs to increment the row at each iteration. 

The box "Update Once per Iteration" in my User Parameters component is


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