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From sebb <>
Subject Re: MonitorHealthVisualizer class comments: add a 3rd tabbed pane for email alerts.
Date Sat, 29 Mar 2008 12:02:54 GMT
On 27/03/2008, David Brown <> wrote:
> Hello Sebb, JMeter committers and developers, I have been reading the Mike Stover JMeter
plugin PDF and as a result I read the comments at the top of the MailHealthVisualizer class:


>  /* In the future, we may want to add email alerts as a third tab. */
>  My questions are:
>  * Would such an addition be considered a plugin?

Yes and no. In a sense, almost all of JMeter is plugins. However the
term is normally reserved for brand new functionality, not
enhancements to existing classes.

>  * Has anyone worked on this or planning to work this issue? (I have searched in:


>  * I have studied the code to some extent and it appears the content of the
Listener could be used as a go-by to create a similar to the other
panes: and attach the MonitorMailerPanel pane to the
along with the other panes?


>  * If this would not work are there better places in the source to study to get a better
understanding of what is required to complete the mail alert issue?
>  Please advise, David.
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