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From sebb <>
Subject Re: turn GET string into POST?
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2008 12:27:31 GMT
On 03/03/2008, Tom Fernandes <> wrote:
> Hi all,
>  is it possible to turn a GET string into a POST? We have dynamic forms and
>  extracting names and values with the Regex Extractor has been quite tricky.
>  Now we will insert a GET string as a comment into the page-source our
>  application which we will use make the POST HTTP Request.
>  the GET string will look like the following:
>  /foo/bar/bookFood.php?fork=&spoon=2&arrival=walking&flightnumber=&airline=
>  I don't know on forehand how many name-value-pairs the form will have - so the
>  easiest to me seems to "just" POST this URL (e.g. use HTTP Request, set
>  Method to POST and insert this URL into the Path field).
>  Is this possible?

Depends on the application. It may work.

>  My other option would be to use the Regex Extractor on the GET string where
>  the field Regular Expression is:
>  (?:.*?)\?(.*?)=(.*?)&(.*?)=(.*?)&(.*?)=(.*?)&(.*?)=(.*?)&
>  Template would be: $1$$2$$3$$4$    and so on
>  and have a HTTP Request (set to POST) where I insert our maximum Number of
>  name-value pairs via MYREF_g1, MYREF_g2, MYREF_g3, etc. into the "Send
>  Parameters with the Request" fields.

This is much what I suggested earlier in another thread, except that I
would use set the match number to -1, and use the variables:

MYREF_1_g1 MYREF_1_g2
MYREF_2_g1 MYREF_2_g2
as the Name & Value

>  thanks,
>  Tom
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