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From Tom Fernandes <>
Subject Re: probablilty of occurence
Date Mon, 10 Mar 2008 20:57:34 GMT

On Monday, 10. March 2008, Steve Miller wrote:
> Tom,
> If you don't want to use an int as an approximation, maybe you can find
> some way to use the __Random to generate a pseudo-random number in a
> large range, e.g. 0-1,000,000, then test the random number for the
> percentage that you want. E.g. in pseudocode
> if ($__Random(1,1000000) < (1,000,000*0.83274/100)) ...

okay this seems to work for me (it took me a bit to get it).

I'm now having ${__Random(1,1000000,NUM)} in a variable but each thread will 
get executed with the same number returned from the function - how can I 
change that behavior?



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