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From Tom Fernandes <>
Subject turn GET string into POST?
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2008 11:46:40 GMT
Hi all,

is it possible to turn a GET string into a POST? We have dynamic forms and 
extracting names and values with the Regex Extractor has been quite tricky.

Now we will insert a GET string as a comment into the page-source our 
application which we will use make the POST HTTP Request.

the GET string will look like the following:


I don't know on forehand how many name-value-pairs the form will have - so the 
easiest to me seems to "just" POST this URL (e.g. use HTTP Request, set 
Method to POST and insert this URL into the Path field).
Is this possible?

My other option would be to use the Regex Extractor on the GET string where 
the field Regular Expression is:


Template would be: $1$$2$$3$$4$    and so on

and have a HTTP Request (set to POST) where I insert our maximum Number of 
name-value pairs via MYREF_g1, MYREF_g2, MYREF_g3, etc. into the "Send 
Parameters with the Request" fields.



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