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From Fulvio Guglielmelli <>
Subject jmeter with ant use the console properties!!!!
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2008 11:24:56 GMT
  I'm tring to use ant to run my test
  I usually run my test from jmeter console, 
  this is the configuration
  Thread Group  (n.threads=1, loop count = 100)
      Loop Controller
         Java Request (ThreadNum=${__threadNum}, repository=1)
  Now I need to run it with ant,
  I set the properties in build.xml like below
  when jmeter start continue to use the value setted with console and not the value setted
in ant.
  <jmeter    jmeterhome="c:/jmeter" 

<testplans dir="${src}" includes="*.jmx"/> 
   <property name="request.threads" value="1"/> 
   <property name="request.loop" value="2"/> 
   <property name="repository" value="2"/> 
  Where is the mistake


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