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Subject Re: Send HTTP requests from different IPs
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2008 18:26:48 GMT
sebb wrote:
> On 01/02/2008, <> wrote:
>> sebb wrote:
>>> On 31/01/2008, <> wrote:
>>>> Hi gang! Do forgive me if this question's been answered before; couldn't
>>>> find a solution.
>>> It has, but it's been a while...
>>>> We have some HTTP servers, behind a Cisco CSS that does load balancing
>>>> depending on the client's IP. I'll be using JMeter with the Commons
>>>> HttpClient component to generate load, to test the HTTP servers. The
>>>> load balancer needs to split the load between them evenly. JMeter has
>>>> to run on a single, powerful machine running Linux. I can add all the
>>>> alias IPs or even a few net intrfaces I need to the machine running
>>>> JMeter, but how can I configure JMeter/HttpClient so that the requests
>>>> will seem, to the load balancer, to be coming from different IPs?
>>>> Perhaps using iptables?
>>> The following entry in
>>> httpclient.localaddress
>>> can be used to select between multiple local host ips. However, it is
>>> processed at startup, so you would need to use one JMeter instance per
>>> host, and of course you must use the HttpClient version of the HTTP
>>> Sampler.
>> That's perfect for us. We were going to use more than one JMeter
>> instance anyway.
>>> Runtime configuration of the address would need code (and GUI)
>>> changes; feel free to raise a Bugzilla enhancement request.
>> I won't raise one... Will pick at the code as time permits.
> It's in in the static section.  Line 177 et seq.
> Line 526 is where the connection localHost address is set up. However
> the local host name is also used elsewhere for authentication.
> If you don't want to update the GUI, you could use a fixed JMeter
> variable name and use that for the local IP address when setting up a
> connection.

Setting up a variable can be done easily enough. Never bothered myself 
with Swing :)

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