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From Brook Heaton <>
Subject JMeter plugin: WS-Security using Axis 1.4 and WSS4J
Date Wed, 16 Jan 2008 17:24:23 GMT

I am in the process of attempting to create a plugin
for JMeter that allows testing web services secured
with WS-Security encryption and signature.  I have
followed the tutorial on creating plugins for JMeter
and looked at the source code for the Web Service
sampler, and have almost finished my development- I
have the GUI working, at any rate.  I'm doing very
much the same thing as the Web Service sampler-
extending the HTTPSampler, etc.

My problem arises in the implementation of the
sampler; specifically, the sample() method (where the
client actually puts together the WS-Security request
to the server).  In this method, I am using the Apache
Axis 1.4 and Apache WSS4J libraries to compose the
request.  One of the requirements for WSS4J is to
specify a "" file containing
information about the crypto libraries and keystores
used to perform the signature and encryption. 

According the the WSS4J mailing list, there isn't any
way to programmatically set the values contained in (to avoid having to use  The WSS4J mailing list also
states that the file *must* reside
on the classpath.  

So, my problem is that the sampler is unable to find
the file.  I've tried putting the
file inside the jar files, outside the jar files, and
in the lib and bin directories.  I've also specified
the complete path of the file, as well as just the
filename (without path).  I've tried specifying the
classpath in the JMeter and, as well as in the jmeter batch file. 
All with no success- I always get a "Cannot find" error.  

I suspect the problem has something to do with a) me
being an idiot, or b) the way JMeter handles its class
loading, but I'm too much of a novice to intelligently
understand exactly what's happening.  I'm hoping that
this is an easy question and somebody will be able to
tell me where I need to put the file
in order for my sampler to "find" it.


Brook H

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