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From Abram Catalano <>
Subject JDBC response assertions
Date Fri, 04 Jan 2008 23:15:14 GMT
Apologies in advance if this is obvious.  I crawled google and the  
archives and didn't see what I needed.

I have a JDBC sampler set up, and I want to make some assertions on  
the rows' data returned.  I see that I can dump the JDBC response to a  
file, and then subsequently iterate over the file, but that is not  
getting me far enough.

1) I dont really want to use a file, I just want to iterate over the  
jdbc reponse in memory.  They're small responses  (a few rows).  how?
2) One issue I am having is that some of the rows contain timestamps.   
It appears any response data I see is "toString()"ing the data, so  
timestamps just appear as their Java class/mem address  (e.g.  
"oracle.sql.TIMESTAMP@1bb9f3f" )

Is there some way to provide a row object (and some mapping code,  
something like Spring's JdbcTemplate provides), and be able to iterate  
over a list of row objects?  I need to do things like see if a  
timestamp is within +- 5 seconds of what it should be.

I haven't looked at BeanShell much yet.  I'd prefer some simple Java  
code that validates/tests JDBC response data.  (e.g. boolean  
verify(List<Row> response) )

Also, if there is an easy extension point for JDBC response processing  
(that takes a ResultSet as an argument), I'd be interested in writing  
up some code to help out in this area.

Thanks in advance.

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