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From Abram Catalano <>
Subject Re: multiple inserts with JDBC sampler
Date Fri, 11 Jan 2008 00:29:10 GMT
Thanks for pointing this out.  Much appreciated.


Shane Petroff wrote:
> Abram Catalano wrote:
>> Is there something I am missing?  can I have multiple SQL INSERT 
>> statements in one JDBC Sampler? How have other people solved this? 
> I use a single JDBC sampler coupled with a CSV Data Set Config which 
> contains an arbitrary number of SQL statements (hundreds in my case). 
> Inside the config file, I also specify the query type so that I can 
> derive my CSV files directly from the database trace logs. In this 
> manner I am able to simulate the interaction of multiple applications 
> in one test plan. I have 2 thread groups, each representing an 
> application and each pulling SQL from a separate CSV file whose 
> contents is derived from a trace of the application I am trying to 
> simulate. The final piece of the puzzle is that I embed tokens within 
> the SQL and replace those at runtime to ensure that updates always 
> contain new data and inserts do not collide between runs. This forces 
> the db to write to disk the same way that real users' data would. 
> While it could be better, it hasn't been bad either. The main problem 
> I had was answered a few days back (thanks sebb) in the thread entitled:
> SQL and javascript replace
> Apparently quotes embedded in the SQL read from the CSV file are not 
> handled properly within the __javascript call when normal references 
> are used, so one has to use vars.get("variableName") to sidestep the 
> quote issue. It wasn't particularly easy to figure this all out, but 
> so far I haven't found the time to amend the documentation either...

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