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From sebb <>
Subject Re: JMeter plugin: WS-Security using Axis 1.4 and WSS4J
Date Wed, 16 Jan 2008 17:36:58 GMT
On 16/01/2008, Brook Heaton <> wrote:
> Hello-
> I am in the process of attempting to create a plugin
> for JMeter that allows testing web services secured
> with WS-Security encryption and signature.  I have
> followed the tutorial on creating plugins for JMeter
> and looked at the source code for the Web Service
> sampler, and have almost finished my development- I
> have the GUI working, at any rate.  I'm doing very
> much the same thing as the Web Service sampler-
> extending the HTTPSampler, etc.
> My problem arises in the implementation of the
> sampler; specifically, the sample() method (where the
> client actually puts together the WS-Security request
> to the server).  In this method, I am using the Apache
> Axis 1.4 and Apache WSS4J libraries to compose the
> request.  One of the requirements for WSS4J is to
> specify a "" file containing
> information about the crypto libraries and keystores
> used to perform the signature and encryption.
> According the the WSS4J mailing list, there isn't any
> way to programmatically set the values contained in
> (to avoid having to use
>  The WSS4J mailing list also
> states that the file *must* reside
> on the classpath.
> So, my problem is that the sampler is unable to find
> the file.  I've tried putting the
> file inside the jar files, outside the jar files, and
> in the lib and bin directories.  I've also specified
> the complete path of the file, as well as just the
> filename (without path).  I've tried specifying the
> classpath in the JMeter and
>, as well as in the jmeter batch file.
> All with no success- I always get a "Cannot find
>" error.

Looks like you've tried a lot there.

JMeter adds all jars in lib and lib/ext to the classpath, and updates
the system property java.class.path accordingly.

> I suspect the problem has something to do with a) me
> being an idiot, or b) the way JMeter handles its class
> loading, but I'm too much of a novice to intelligently
> understand exactly what's happening.  I'm hoping that
> this is an easy question and somebody will be able to
> tell me where I need to put the file
> in order for my sampler to "find" it.

It might help to search the WSS4J code and/or ask on the  WSS4J
mailing list exactly what Java method(s) are used to find the file
(and the classloader).

> Thanks
> Brook H
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