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From "Modha Khammammettu" <>
Subject RE: Regular Expression Problem
Date Mon, 19 Nov 2007 23:48:53 GMT
Jmeter 2.3
Via Parameters.

This happens only on the login page. 

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Sent: Monday, November 19, 2007 4:47 PM
To: JMeter Users List
Subject: Re: Regular Expression Problem

On 19/11/2007, Modha Khammammettu <> wrote:
> Hi All

Which version of JMeter?

> My Post data (from what is see in Request tab of View Result Tree) 
> looks like this:

How are you providing the POST data?
Via a file?

> POST data:
> inFrame=mainframe&eventSource=${1_4_act_RE}&eventParam=&eventShift=&rc
> ou 
> nter=1&scrollPositions=&objFocusId=&1_1=&${UserName_RE}=super&${Passwo
> rd
> _RE}=user
> I have Regular expressions defined on that sampler, when I print the 
> regular expressions using Java Request, the expressions 1_4_act_RE, 
> UserName_RE, Password_RE show proper values.
> In the name value pairs I have put ${1_4_act_RE} etc properly.
> Any idea why this can happen. Also when I paste the response data and 
> into and evaluate RE they 
> evaluate just fine.

Variable references such as ${1_4_act_RE} are left unchanged if the
variable is not found. This could be because the variable is not yet

Or if the sampler does not support variables (e.g. when reading from

To try an narrow this down, I suggest you create a variable on the Test
Plan itself and check that it is processed in the POST request.
Proceed from there.

> Thanks
> Modha/-

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