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From "Kerrod Wells" <>
Subject POST data issues
Date Fri, 30 Nov 2007 01:37:12 GMT

Sorry if this has been covered previous as I've only just joined the
list, and I'm very much new to Jmeter. 

I have a test plan that has been imported from Badboy that does a simple
sign on, sign off test to our peoplesoft system (via https). When I
first run the test in Jmeter, it doesn't sign on correctly, and I see
the following in the Request tab (for the POST step)

POST data:

If I then click around, but not change anything in the POST step and
rerun the test it signs on correctly and gives the following in the
Request tab

POST data:

For some reason the first time its run (an any time after if I don't
click in the POST step) it won't put '=' in the POST data. Soon as click
in the POST step, and rerun the '=' appears. 

Help. :)



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