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From FenixStrife <>
Subject While Controller Problem
Date Mon, 05 Nov 2007 16:02:52 GMT

Hi everybody!
I have a little problem using a while controller in JMeter.
In a few words: I would like to prove that a web page shows some text (a
value of a list of values), but this information is shown in some pages, so
I don't now the page this text will be shown.

In order to do that I'm using a while controller, using the LAST atributte
it works: I do a request to the page and I test the page doesn't contain the
text. This way when I find the page in what the value is listed it will exit
from the while loop. But this has a problem, when I use a listener to see
the results of the test it shows a "fail" (the fail that we have use to exit
from the loop), but my test is correct. Is there any way of config JMeter to
not show this final Loop assert??? I have to make reports of the test and
this way it seems it hasn't passed the test...

Another solution I thougth was not to use a LAST assertion, but I don't know
how to prove a page has or hasn't some text without using a Response

Please I need help!!!!! This is driving me crazy!!!!!
If you have any example I would be very pleased!!!!

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