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From "DELHOSTE Fabrice" <>
Subject RE: Asynchronous samplers
Date Mon, 22 Oct 2007 08:27:40 GMT
Thanks for your answer.

> If there is always a response, why not send the request, and then wait
for the response? 

Unfortunately, that would limit my concurrent number of requests to the
number of sampling threads. And I want much more.
Ex: what if I want to simulate 200 concurrent requests made by 3 client

That's why I'm thinking about to make my request sampler not waiting for
response, returning a SampleResult related to the sending of request.
At the same time, I can build another SampleResult related to the
response that I just start in this sampler.
Then, a new "response" sampler could just wait for responses and ending
the SampleResult initiated in the request sample, for instance, by
sharing a Map of SampleResult as a variable between them.

I've actually seen this kind of discussion in the history of the
mailing-list but there has been no follow-up...


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Subject: Re: Asynchronous samplers

On 19/10/2007, DELHOSTE Fabrice <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am currently trying to design a custom sampler upon an asynchronous 
> request-response API and I haven't found enough detailed discussion on

> that topic.

JMeter does not support asynchronous working per se.

> I basically want to measure the time from sending the request to its 
> received response.

If there is always a response, why not send the request, and then wait
for the response?

This can be done in a single sampler.

> As far as I understand, there may be a need for even-driven sampler in

> the future but what's the best way to do it today?

We have no plans to implement event-driven samplers.

> I have first tried to add subresults on the SampleResult of each 
> request when receiving responses (in another thread) without success.
> Tree of results were not correctly updated and I haven't found the way

> to publish them as new SampleResult instead of subresult.
> So I'm thinking a bit more now :-) ... about separating completely the

> request sampler from the response sampler.
> I would typically have 2 thread groups, one for request, the other for

> response.
> The request sampler would send its request, not waiting for anything.
> The response sampler would listen for a response until some is 
> received (using a shared lock with the listener initiated in request 
> sampler), then return it as SampleResult.

I would just send the request and wait for the response.

Everything else would be a lot more work.

> In theory, I would obtain on one side, all my request data, and on the

> other side, my response data, that I would be able to correlate with 
> my request...and then proceed naturally with all JMeter powerful stuff

> on both groups.
> Before starting, I'd like to know if this seems possible to you.
> Any advice, or another way to implement?
> Thanks,
> Fabrice

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