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From "Christiaan Lamprecht" <>
Subject SSL renegotiation
Date Wed, 22 Aug 2007 15:02:02 GMT
Hi all,

I'm new to JMeter and from the documentation it seems like it can do
what I need but I would be grateful for some help with a technical

The question is about how JMeter responds to SSL renegotiation
requests from the server. So an example would be; The client sends a
HTTPS request to the server, the client waits for a reply, the server
does not send a reply but sends a SSL renegotiation request, a few
more messages are exchanged, the server finally sends the reply.

There are a few things which can affect how JMeter responds to this:
* Does the simulated JMeter client wait for a reply? and will it
respond to a renegotiation request instead?
* Is there any SSL state shared between the clients/threads/etc...
during the simulation
* If renegotiation occurs, will JMeter incorporate the renegotiation
time into the response time for that request?

Sorry for the extremely technical question on the users list, hope
some developers read this too.

Any help would be much appreciated

Many thanks

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