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From Alf H√łgemark <>
Subject Re: Measuring total time for a thread group execution
Date Tue, 14 Aug 2007 19:27:17 GMT
I think you should have a look at the Transaction Controller, and put 
your samplers inside it.
Then use the Transaction Controller option which makes the transaction 
controller return a sample that contains subsamples.
Then I think the transaction controller sample will turn up in your 
listener, and it will contain the total time (sum) of all the 
subsamples, i.e. "total time to load page".
That functionality is present in 2.3RC3, and the latest nightly builds.

Note that browsers often run several downloads (images, css etc) in 
parallel threads, Jmeter does not do that, it executes one sample at a time.
Still you will get a useful kind of a "worst case scenario" time.


Toby Hobson wrote:
> <!-- DIV {margin:0px;}-->Hi
> I
> am trying to measure the response time for loading a page, including
> all the css, js and images referenced in it. I have built a thread
> group which simulates all the requests the browser will make (using the
> proxy tool). Now I am trying to measure the time it takes for the
> thread group to run. I have found various listeners like the summary
> report which are useful but they all seem to give stats for the
> individual samples. What I really need to know is "how long will it
> take to load this page". I guess I could just add all the average
> sample times together but this isn't really a true reflection of the
> real world.
> Cheers
> Toby

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