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From 75blured <>
Subject Way to do a search & replace in JMeter
Date Mon, 30 Jul 2007 13:51:33 GMT

I've got a list of url that I've extracted from some web pages in my 
tests. However I'd like to modify all those urls in order to set correct 
parameters. I've seen Post / RegexpExtractor which allow to extract data 
from http response, however in my case I've got an list of url which I'm 
parsing so I'd like to launch the url but with modified parameters

The ListeUrls token is a RegExp extractor which extract all the urls of 
href present in the first HTTP Request.

The AffUrl is a Bean Shell Post Processor wich display all of the values 
of the ListeUrls

So I'd like to make a search & replace for a special item in my urls. Do 
you know a way to do that ?


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