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From Alf H√łgemark <>
Subject Re: Empty assertion results failure message
Date Mon, 16 Jul 2007 20:50:10 GMT

I suggest you file a bug report using Bugzilla, and provide the test 
script and as much info as possible on how to reproduce your problem.
If we can reproduce it, it will be a lot easier for us to fix it, if 
there is a bug.
Remember to remove any personal passwords / login info etc from the test 
script before attaching it to the bug.

Alf Hogemark

Kathy Mitchell wrote:
> I have a very simple jmeter acceptance test script that writes errors to
> an Aggregate Report listener.  When I have 'Save As XML' turned OFF I
> sometimes don't get anything in the Assertion Results Failure Message.
> If I turn on 'Save As XML' I see all the failure messages.  See sample
> output below with XML off.  The first line shows the failure message but
> the rest don't.
> Is this a know jmeter bug?  Is there anyway to work around it other than
> saving as XML?
> timeStamp,elapsed,label,responseCode,responseMessage,threadName,success,
> failureMessage,bytes
> 1184605247229,121,Login Failed Test (client 2),302,Moved
> Temporarily,Main thread 1-3,false,Test failed, code expected to match
> /200/,0
> 1184605276707,281,Report (client 9),200,OK,Main thread 1-2,false,,1437
> 1184605334228,632,Key 3 (client 9),200,OK,Main thread 1-2,false,,1437
> 1184605334860,562,Key 4 (client 9),200,OK,Main thread 1-2,false,,1437
> 1184605335422,583,Key 5 (client 9),200,OK,Main thread 1-2,false,,1437
> 1184605336005,763,Key 6 (client 9),200,OK,Main thread 1-2,false,,1437
> Thanks,
> Kathy

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