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From "Knut Borchart" <>
Subject CVS Dataset Config Usage?
Date Fri, 20 Jul 2007 09:44:08 GMT

i am experimenting with the csv dataset config but it seems like i do
not quite understand its inner workings. What i am trying to achieve
is the following:

- keep a file of usernames, passwords and other config for users
around which is always 100 lines long.
- for testing a new jmeter script i would like use different settings
for threads and repeat (eg. 2 threads, 10 repeats)

I thought that jmeter reads the cvs file at the beginning of the
testcase, assigns values to the different threads (=users) and thats
it. But that does not work. With 1 thread and 10 repeats the second
repeat of the test gets the config for user 2 (=line 2 of csv file).
So it seems like the file is read in every iteration.

How is the csv config thought to be used? Do i have to exactly match
the lines in the file to the number of threads i want to use? What if
one of the threads gets an error and is stopped? Will not the
correlation between thread <> csv config will be mixed up?

Kind regards, peter

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