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From Saverio Locane <>
Subject RE: Sincrhonize loop thread problem.
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2007 13:24:00 GMT
Thank Olivier for your answer, 

        Yes, I used it, but this is not resolving the problem,  when the 
JMeter undestand that one cycle finished, it launch another user and this 
user still has not terminated the execution in the before cycle.

        Really I have more of 100 threads, each one represent one 
enterprise with many users and diferents business process, and each 
threads execute 5 times as minimal.

        if somebody have any idea and can help me. 

Saverio Locane

"Oliver Erlewein \(DSLWN\)" <> 
10/05/2007 08:50 p.m.
Por favor, responda a
"JMeter Users List" <>

"JMeter Users List" <>

RE: Sincrhonize loop thread problem.


Have you tried using the synchronising timer? From what I read in your 
description that should solve the problems. Otherwise it might be 
worthwhile having two thread groups that execute one after the other. This 
can be manipulated at the thread group level.

Regards Oliver

-----Original Message-----
From: Saverio Locane []
Sent: Friday, 11 May 2007 05:14
To: JMeter Users List
Subject: Sincrhonize loop thread problem.


I need that each cycle of a thread to be started when the all n users of 
this thread finished, because de application verify that the user is not 
using de the application. Example I have 10 users in the thread, and the 
tread has a loop of 2, when a one of them (10) finish, JMeter launch a new 
one, but this is not the same user that finish, this is a one that until 
not finished, then the application refused this thread and cancel the user 
that was working.
To resolve this I did the follow:
Thread Empresa 1   Nº threads = 10, Ram up = 1, Loop = 1
Loop Counter  ---> 2
Constant Timer ----> this is my ram up
Http Cookie Manager
Count         ---> user 1  to 10
Constant Timer ----> 30000 ms, I have to charge a value very important so 
this execute without problems. In the almost all cases this function well 
but not in all, there are someone that they aborts.
How I can resolve this problem???

My english is not very good and I hope that you undestand me.

En castellano.
Lo que necesito es lograr que el thread no me dispare un nuevo usuario o 
loop hasta que todo los usuarios involucrados en un loop anterior hallan 
terminado, ya que cuando comienza un nuevo loop el Jmeter me dispará un 
usuario y a veces, ese usuario es uno de los que se disparó en el loop 
anterior y todavía no hizo el logout.
Probé utilizando diferentes comandos que tiene el JMeter pero con ninguno 
logré ese efecto.
Por ahora he logrado hacerlo con el loop counter y un wait de 30 segundos 
o mas, pero de esta forma existen baches bastantes importantes donde no 
ocurren concurrencias o no hay usuarios simultaneos ejecutando.
Por otro lado no siempre funciona, algunas veces se dispará un nuevo loop 
del thread y todavía hay usuarios que no terminaron de hacer el logout en 
el loop anterior.
Pero al menos no tengo tantas cancelaciones como cuando no tenía el loop 
counter y el constant timer.
Esto se debe a que la aplicación controla que el usuario no puede tener 2 
sesiones en la web, si lo encuentra, mata la que esta ejecutando, pero 
también mata la que esta entrando.


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