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From "Bennett McElwee" <>
Subject Load some, but not all, embedded resources?
Date Thu, 28 Jun 2007 04:25:23 GMT
How can I get JMeter to load all embedded resources in a file, *except*
for some specific ones?

Pages in the web app I am testing contain some JavaScript tags that load
scripts from a third-party site. The scripts are there to track page
impressions. These scripts take several seconds (5-10s) to load, but
they're right at the bottom of the page so the page renders quickly
anyway and users don't see the difference. However, the page times in
JMeter do include the script loading times and so the times are really,
really long. I would like JMeter to exclude these script files from its
timings; for example, I'd like to not download any embedded resources
matching some specific pattern.

Another option would be to use the recorder and record every individual
embedded resource, and then simply delete the script requests from the
plan. But the app is dynamic in that the embedded resources on each page
change continually, so this doesn't really help.

Can it be done?

Bennett McElwee 

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