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From "iblavins" <>
Subject RE: JMeter client performance - a question
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2007 14:14:15 GMT

JMeter is inherently capable of running 6,000 sessions through a server from
a single instance of JMeter. 

Whether it will or not in your circumstances depends on a number of things.

Firstly how many of the 6000 connections will be concurrent. This is
dependent on how long, on average, they will run and the rate at which they
start. So if all start together and run for 5 minutes then concurrency will
be 6000. If you start 1500 per minute and they run for 1 minute then the
concurrency will be around 1500. The higher the concurrency the larger the
JMeter box required to run the workload. 

Secondly it depends on the rate that each session makes calls to the server
ie how active it is. The more server calls per session per minute the bigger
the JMeter box needs to be.

Thirdly it depends on how heavy your samplers are. I have seen JMeter run
over a million samplers per minute from a single machine when the samplers
do nothing. But add in some complexity in the test plan, a couple of remote
server calls to get data for the sampler and to log the results of the
sampler, and the throughput is more in the 50,000 samples per minute on the
same hardware.

Fourthly it depends on the size of the LINUX box. The above results were
under AIX on a 3 * 1.65GHz twin core CPU LPAR of an IBM p570 server. This is
a pretty strong box - it has a rating of something like 108 on the
spec_intRate2000 scale at

But, broadly, at the 6,000 session mark, assuming concurrency is 2,000 or
more, I'd be assuming you will need multiple JMeter servers unless your
LINUX box is a big one.

Ian Blavins
Contract Performance Engineer

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From: André Derrick Balsa [] 
Sent: 05 June 2007 14:31
Subject: JMeter client performance - a question


I am in charge of load testing a Weblogic/Oracle system with quite a
few servers and a relatively complex application.

The requirement is that the system should be able to handle 6000 (six
thousand) connections over a five-minutes period.

My question is : can a single JMeter client running on Linux handle
6000 connections over a five minutes period ? Or do I have to
distribute this over a few machines ?

Can anybody who has had some experience running JMeter on a Linux
client machine share her/his experience ?

Thanks a bunch,

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