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From sebb <>
Subject Re: Spidering a site, well testing
Date Wed, 20 Jun 2007 22:24:18 GMT
Thread Group
+ Http Request containing links
+ Http Request - host=.*, path=.*
+ + Link Parser

The Link Parser needs to match the wild-card URL in the second request
against the links in the first request.

On 20/06/07, Richard Martin <> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to use Jmeter to stress test a intermediary proxy to a site,
> actually it will be used for many sites. To test it I need to move around
> the site and I was hoping to use the HTML Link Parser to spider the site and
> leave the clients/threads to work there way around. This allows me to easily
> plug in other sites to test.
> In searching I found a guide to doing this in the old version of Jmeter on
> the old user guide. There is also a section about spidering under the help
> documentation. It suggest putting in .* for path and domain. I tried this
> with a Default HTTP containing the domain/host. An HTTP Request with .* and
> a Link Parser but from my log it is just trying to request the page
> "host/.*" which doesn't work. There was only so many ways I could arrange
> these 3 things and now I'm out of ideas.
> Am I missing something on this setup?
> From the help
> "Spidering Example
> Consider a simple example: let's say you wanted JMeter to "spider" through
> your site, hitting link after link parsed from the HTML returned from your
> server (this is not actually the most useful thing to do, but it serves as a
> good example). You would create a Simple Controller , and add the "HTML Link
> Parser" to it. Then, create an HTTP Request, and set the domain to ".*", and
> the path likewise. This will cause your test sample to match with any link
> found on the returned pages. If you wanted to restrict the spidering to a
> particular domain, then change the domain value to the one you want. Then,
> only links to that domain will be followed."
> Thanks for any help
> cheers
> Bob

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