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From sebb <>
Subject Re: SOAP and slow connection
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2007 10:54:35 GMT
On 11/06/07, Luca Maragnani <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I need to test a SOAP application using SlowSocket to simulate real
> users links.

Which version of JMeter are you using?

Which SOAP sampler are you using?

> So I modified to use HTTPSampler2 and setted the cps
> property.
> Last, to get it work I had to overwrite in a custom library
> SlowHttpClientSocketFactory because the createSocket method returned
> always a null value.

Yes - I did not bother implementing the method, as it was not needed
for HTTPSampler2, but it should really have have thrown a NotSupported

>    public Socket createSocket(String arg0, int arg1, InetAddress arg2,
> int arg3, HttpConnectionParams arg4)
>            throws IOException, UnknownHostException,
> ConnectTimeoutException {
>        return new
> SlowSocket(JMeterUtils.getPropDefault("httpclient.socket.http.cps",
> 0),arg0,arg1);
>    }
> That's not really the best solution... but works better than a null
> socket :)

Please file a Buzgilla report so it does not get forgotten.

> Is there a nicer way to get slow connection simulation working with the
> SOAP Sampler

Not sure what you mean by nicer - if the null method is fixed, does
the SOAP sampler work OK?

Perhaps there should be a separate property for slow SOAP sockets.
And/or a GUI field for the CPS value on all the samplers that support it?

> (and maybe other samplers...)?

The SlowSocket feature can only work where it is possible to override
the SocketFactory - so it cannot work with the Java HTTP sampler - but
I guess it could be added to at least some other samplers.

Feel free to create a Buzilla enhancement request.

> Luca
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