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From onkelkarle <>
Subject Nest Threadgroups
Date Tue, 15 May 2007 11:12:12 GMT


I have a question concerning the nesting of thread groups but I haven't
found any sufficient answers on the web. Maybe someone can answer me my

I want to test a web application with the following the following load test:

00 - 05 min: 10 users on web application
05 - 10 min: 20 users on web application
10 - 15 min: 30 users on web application
15 - 20 min: 40 users on web application
20 - 25 min: 50 users on web application

I tried to set up the following test plan with nested thread groups:

+-ThreadGroup1: no of threads:5 ,  loop count 1, ramp up time: 20 minutes
   +-ThreadGroup2 (nested): no of threads:10 ,  loop count: forever, ramp up
time: 5 sec

I expected to get in the end 5x10=50 threads, but I just got 10. what did I
do wrong? Doesn't JMeter allow nested thread groups? Well the gui does at
least. Did I do something wrong?

Does anybody have a better idea how to get this load characteristics in a
test plan? Well I thought about starting 5 different JMeter instances, not
very comfortable though.

Thanks a lot
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