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From Jim Donnellan <>
Subject Jmeter 2.2 only running first sampler in thread group
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2007 23:07:11 GMT
Hey folks,

I've got a weird situation wherein if I have two HTTP samplers in the 
same thread group, they both are loaded, but only the first one is run. 
I say this because

1) The jmeter logs (set to DEBUG) show the second sampler being pulled 
into the test plan and parsed with no errors
2) When it comes time to run the test plan, the logs show it running the 
first sampler, but the second sampler is quietly ignored, and the test 
runs through without complaint.
3) The webserver logs show only the first hit
4) If I reverse the order, it still only runs whichever one is first

This is probably something corny I'm missing. But I've tried 
checking/unchecking pretty much everything to no avail. Even putting 
them under separate Simple Logic Controllers has no effect; if they're 
in the same thread group, only one is running.

This is 2.2 on fully updated Fedora Core 6. Sorry if this is a corny 
issue, I checked the mail archives back a year and the open bugzilla 
bugs. Any help would be appreciated.

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