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From "iblavins" <>
Subject RE: soap/xml-rpc sampler: transport-encoding chunked
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2007 09:24:31 GMT

One way, but you'd have to really want to solve the problem, would be to
send the chunked message not to the web services container but to an
intermediate program that removes the chunking and sends the result on to
the web services container. It would also have to receive the response from
the web services container and forward it on to JMeter.

Alternatively you can write your own sampler.

I have a Java sampler that sends SOAP from a file. I also have a Java
program that acts as an intermediary between two other programs conversing
with HTTP/SOAP so it is all quite doable.

Ian Blavins
Contract Performance Engineer

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From: [] 
Sent: 31 January 2007 19:37
Subject: soap/xml-rpc sampler: transport-encoding chunked

i am trying to use jmeter to stress test a web service running in an older
version of our webservice container. this webservice container appears to be
unable to properly interpret the "transport-encoding: chunked" header that
the soap/xml-rpc sampler creates by default. is there a way to
configure/workaround/patch/hack the default behaviour of the sampler to send
the request in a non chunked way? is it possible to send http/1.0 compliant
requests (thus getting rid of the chunked encoding)?

any hints appreciated (i could also build my own patched version from the
source release)...

thanks in advance!
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