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From sebb <>
Subject Re: HTTPSampler --> HTTPSampler2 Problems
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2007 12:25:59 GMT
On 30/01/07, Erik Hartenian <> wrote:
> I have searched the archives of this list and found partial solutions to my problem,
but not the
> "total" solution.  So, I'm posting this in hopes that somebody can assist me.
> Goal:  To do SSL testing with JMeter against an Apache instance, so that there are as
many SSL sessions
> open as their are JMeter threads.  (i.e. 1 SSL session per JMeter thread)
> Info:  From what I've gathered, this cannot be done with the default Java HTTP Client,
and from what
> I've seen, this is true as it only produces 1 (or possibly 2) SSL session on the Apache

There is no control over connection re-use with the Java
implementation, so it will depend on how many connections are needed
at once (plus any limits that may be enforced).

> I have gone through the process of adding the cert to the keystore, etc. and gotten the
jmx script to
> run properly (with https) when I am using the Java sampler, but the assertion fails when
I change to
> using the Jakarta sampler:
> Requests like this WORK:
> <HTTPSampler guiclass="HttpTestSampleGui" testclass="HTTPSampler" testname="50 K html
> enabled="true">
> ....
> </HTTPSampler>
> Requests like this FAIL:
> <HTTPSampler2 guiclass="HttpTestSampleGui2" testclass="HTTPSampler2" testname="50
K html file"
> enabled="true">
> ....
> </HTTPSampler2>
> What am I missing that is preventing this from working?  The only changes made to the
jmx script were:
> <HTTPSampler            becomes  <HTTPSampler2
> </HTTPSampler           becomes  </HTTPSampler2
> HttpTestSampleGui       becomes  HttpTestSampleGui2
> testclass="HTTPSampler" becomes  testclass="HTTPSampler2"
> I hope I'm not missing something "obvious" here.  Forgive me if this has been answered
before;  I
> wasn't able to find it.

What is the failure that you get?

Have you tried a simple HTTP HttpClient Sampler test against a
well-known https site - i.e. one that uses an authority known to Java?

What version of JMeter and Java?

> Thanks,
> -- Erik Hartenian
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