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From "Smits, Dolf" <>
Subject RE: Retry LDAP thread bind request
Date Thu, 18 Jan 2007 08:04:21 GMT

I think the first question is. What do you want to achieve?

You clearly made a testplan that overloads the server. Is that what you
want to do?
Now you hit the "defense system" of the ldap server. In real life, the
session will not be started so discarding the thread might be the
natural reaction to this error.
(are you sure it is a ldap server limit? You mean you try to run 1000
concurent sessions? That seems an awful lot of sessions at the same
time. If you run much less concurrent sessions, because they live for a
short period, you might have run out of sockets, either on the server or
client side)

If you definitly want to start the thread anyway, you will need to build
a logical structure, with while loops en extractors to build a check
that will continu the thread only after the bind has been successfull.


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From: wolverine my [] 
Sent: woensdag 17 januari 2007 13:27
Subject: Retry LDAP thread bind request


I'm testing the LDAP server with 1000 concurrent users and some of the
LDAP thread bind requests are failed with the following error:

1169011310793,0,Thread Bind,800,javax.naming.CommunicationException:
localhost:10389 [Root exception is
Connection refused: connect],Thread Group 1-455,text,false,

This is most likely because of the maximum session has been opened by
the server. Hence, the server rejects the subsequent requests untill
the previous sessions are closed.

May I know how to wait and re-bind the LDAP server until there is one
or more session available?

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