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From Alexander Wallace>
Subject Re: intro and question about jdbc load tests
Date Tue, 09 Jan 2007 20:19:04 GMT
Thanks a lot for the quick response!

Please see below.

> Why not just use CSV Dataset to pass in the query details?
> The file can be as big as you like, and you can use the variables in
> the JDBC sampler.
> The JDBC Sampler allows the Query Type to be a variable, so you can
> even mix SELECTs and UPDATEs [for DELETE use UPDATE].

This would mean that I have 1 jdbc sampler and each iteration changes  
the query for the sampler right? I gave this a bit of thought before  
sending the email, but how can I simulate multiple threads this way?  
And if each thread needs to vary a little bit of the query (say the  
CustomerId) how would this work?

I'm not an expert in jmeter as you can see, please forgive the  
questions if they don't make much sense.

Thanks in advance again for your response!

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