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From sebb <>
Subject Re: Synchronizing Timers buggy?
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2006 18:11:00 GMT
I've not used the Sync Timer in earnest, so I don't know if it has
these problems.

I do know that sometimes the 2/80 display can go wrong (I've seen -1/n
!), but the fact that "stop test" is having a problem suggests that
there are indeed still some threads active. [BTW, Shutdown is a less
forceful version - it does not kill threads]

It might be worth replacing the sampler with a Java Request Sampler
(use a similar time delay) to see how the Sync Timer behaves with a
simpler test.

On 05/12/06, Richard Gaywood <> wrote:
> Hi group!
> I'm experimenting with adding a synchronzing timer to my existing XML-RPC
> load test (hitting on a simple web service[1]) to emulate some peak load
> we're seeing on our live servers. However, the test has gone a bit wonky...
> it doesn't seem to end cleanly. For example, in the test I've got running
> right now, I had 80 threads with a sync timer to group them into five at a
> time, with a timer on the thread group of 30 seconds. The test ended over
> ten minutes ago but the JMeter UI claims "2/80" threads are still active;
> I've hit "stop test" and that's wedged on "shutting down all test threads,
> please be patient". "netstat -n" shows no active connections to my
> webservice so it's not a socket timeout thing (been there, done that, got
> the scars to prove it too :oD)
> I vaguely recall reading somewhere that the synchronizing timer can have
> these problems, but googling the list hasn't turned anything up. Is there
> any work around?
> (I'm using Sun's JDK 1.5.0 reg 09-b03 and JMeter 2.2.)
> [1] simple test:
> thread group
> | - XML-RPC sampler
>  | - size assertion
>  | - save (failed) responses to file
>  | - sync timer

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