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From "Anand Raman" <>
Subject problem with regular expression extractor
Date Mon, 06 Nov 2006 01:16:36 GMT
Hi all,

I have a problem with the regular expression extractor and http sampler
(both the original and httpclient).

The attached test plan goes through a list of destionation, invokes a
search page, picks up a hotel (at random) from the search results (using
regular expression extractor) and requests that hotel. 

In my test runs I am finding that the regular expression extractor is
always picking up results from the first call to the search results page
and not from the subsequent calls. I am pretty sure that this is not the
intended functionality. Am I doing something wrong? 

Looking into the source code of the RegularExpressionExtractor it seems
that the following lines of code are always fetching the previous
result, rather than the latest search results page. Guess some component
is not resetting the results

    public void process()
        JMeterContext context = getThreadContext();
        SampleResult previousResult = context.getPreviousResult();

Please let me know if you have any workarounds. Apologies if this has
been answered before

Anand Raman

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