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From "Ed Young" <>
Subject Advice on setting up Samplers for web service request
Date Fri, 22 Sep 2006 16:48:58 GMT
I've been using J-Meter only for a few days and have spent most of my
time reading the online tutorials and the manual.

I've managed to get jmeter to execute simple web service requests, but
I don't think I'm doing it correctly, and the way I'm doing it won't
work ultimately for the testing I'm doing.

I'm using the HTTP Request (SAMPLER) to do it instead of the Web
Service(SOAP) sampler.
Here are some of the requests I'm doing using the HTTP Request Sampler:

Set all switches on
Set all switches off

Set only one switch on.

What I've done is to add the sampler to my thread group and then set
the parameters up like this: (for example 3)

Name:                       Value
method                      setSwitchStatus$whichSwitch=3&status=true

This works, but I know it's not correct. I've tried setting up the Web
Services SOAP Sampler with no luck.

I've read the section 10 in the manual, but so far haven't gotten
j-meter to execute the request correctly. One thing I don't understand
is why I have to explicitely enter the SOAP/XML-RPC data to execute
the request, when really I'm only passing the URL in the address bar.
Doesn't the SOAP request get generated at the server when it recieves
the GET?

Thanks in advance.

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