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From sebb <>
Subject Re: Long Haul test using Jmeter
Date Sun, 20 Aug 2006 19:07:18 GMT
Do you need to change the requests/second during the test, or do you
just want to run various different long tests?

You can use variables (properties) for all the following:
- number of threads
- ramp-up
- iterations
- duration
- Constant Throughput value

so I would start by setting up a test plan to represent the load you
want to generate, and then parameterise it by replacing appropriate
values with calls to the __P() function,

e.g. replace the thread-count by ${__P(threads)}. You can then define
threads on the command-line using -Jthreads=10 (e.g.) or you can
create a file to define it.

You can then run various different tests by passing in the appropriate
property values at run-time.

If you want to change the throughput at run-time, you can start a
beanshell server, see:

and use that to change the throughput remotely.

We have used this approach to run tests that last for a whole weekend.

As to scalability, that depends on the hardware and the number of test
elements, but you should be able to run 100 threads without too much
difficulty, so long as you have no expensive visualisers.

for other information on reducing resource usage.

On 20/08/06, aditya karanth <> wrote:
> Hi,
>   I have a requirement of doing a long haul test using Jmeter for a scenario
> wherein i need to pump in 10 Threads/sec for different durations of say 10
> minutes,15 minutes, 1 Hour, 2 hours etc... i.e 10 threads/sec for 10
> minutes,10 threads/sec for 1 hour etc..
> So how can i accomplish this task. What do you recommend to use in the test
> plan. How can i be sure that i am spinning 10 Threads/sec? Is it scalable if
> i try to increase the number of threads to 30,50,100 Threads/sec(of course
> the application also should support these leaving that aside).
> Any help appreciated.
> Regards,
> Aditya

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