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From Jaw Dat <>
Subject RE: Can Jmeter invoke a shell script?
Date Tue, 15 Aug 2006 12:44:37 GMT

Thank you for your reply. Quite right, I can't afford the time to 
learn how to and then implement a Perl plugin for Jmeter. 
Thanks to Sebb's advice, however, I discovered that there may be 
an intermediary alternative: BeanShell scripting - 
that's assuming the BeanShell scripts defined Inside Jmeter 
can still invoke external programs (eg, bash or perl scripts)
using the exec() function call. I test my BeanShell scripts
outside Jmeter , on the command line , and they work, 
but I can't configure the BeanShell PostProcessor to get the same 
output in Jmeter - i can't see any output or even know where to find it.
Also i'm not sure whether I should use a BeanShell PostProcessor 
or BeanShell Assertion , or RegEx PostProcessor or RegEx Assertion.

On Mon, 2006-08-14 at 13:54 +0300, Mikko Ohtamaa wrote:
> > Normally I would use RegEx for that. But it would be a lot easier to use
> Perl or shell scripts to parse the Response Data the way I want. 
> How Can I make JMeter invoke a shell script , and use its result instead of
> the built-in Response Assertion (which takes ORO RegEx).
> At least Jmeter core doesn't have any support for executing arbitary system
> commands (not sure about 3rd party extensions).
> You need to write a plug-in Assertation component (Java) for JMeter which
> invokes native system Perl command, passes out the request data (and all
> known Jmeter variables?) via stdin, then reads stdout and parses Response
> Data again. A better alternative would invoke Perl directly from Java, but I
> am not sure if there exists Java<->Perl bridges.
> Quite much of work if you are not very skilled with Java.
> -Mikko

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