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From PiRanha <>
Subject How to make the Mailer Visualizer not being reset after each run ?
Date Fri, 07 Jul 2006 15:39:11 GMT

I'm using JMeter (v2.2) to monitor the availability of Web Applications.
I tried the Mailer Visualizer and I noticed that this Visualizer is reset 
after each test run (when launching a new run the number of consecutive 
failures is reset instead of keeping its value from the end of the last run).

Other Visualizers like StatVisualizer are not reset after each run and if 
necessary they can manually be reset via the Clear command menu.

I'd like to make the Mailer Visualizer having the same behaviour as the 
StatVisualizer (and many other JMeter visualizers) that is to say not being 
automatically reset at the beginning of each run. I am not an expert of the 
way JMeter works so it's quite difficult for me to know if it is possible to 
do this kind of change and how to do it.

Any help will be welcome :)

Remark :
In fact this is not directly the MailerVisualizer I want to modify but a 
listener I coded myself from the example of the MailerVisualizer (which sends 
HTTP notifications instead of e-mails).


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