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From eric craven <>
Subject bean shell pre/post-processor
Date Mon, 03 Jul 2006 10:36:50 GMT
i would like to read in a config file before any thread
 group is run, set a few variables that are valid for all
 thread groups, and then, after all thread groups have
 finished, write back some of these variables to a file..
 i have to use beanshell for this :)

i ran into the following problems:
* vars.put does not set a variable for anything *outside* 
  the current thread group
* i cannot have any beanshell scripts outside a thread group
* is there any way i can access the current loop counter for 
  the current thread
* is there a way to run a beanshell script at a certain point 
  in the tree, for side effects? not a sampler, not a function,
  just run a script?

thanks for any help!


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