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From Yanroy <>
Subject Re: complex page navigation problems
Date Mon, 31 Jul 2006 16:53:58 GMT

sebb-2 wrote:
> Are these randomly generated, or does the same URL always generate the
> same questions?

They're not random, but they aren't generated by a URL.  There is state
information stored in a database that has nothing to do with the user and is

sebb-2 wrote:
> If you know - or can define - the order in which the questions will be
> presented, then just order the items in the file.

My impression of the way the CSV config element works is that it loads one
line per thread.  Is this incorrect?  I've been assuming this because of the
way it works for storing login information (one line per user, each thread
gets a seperate user).  How can I control how it reads the file so I can get
the next line when it's time to go to the next problem?

sebb-2 wrote:
> If you have some Java experience, it should not be too difficult to
> add the per-thread functionality to CSV Data set.
> Or you could perhaps use the BeanShell pre-processor or function to
> implement the mapping between question and answer - perhaps create the
> mapping using the startup file.
> Also, just had an idea: you might be able to use a property file to
> map between question and answer, and then use the __P() function to
> read the value.
> This depends on whether the questions and answers can be successfully
> stored as Java properties. JMeter supports additional property files,
> so the info can be held separately.

Well, I've heard bad things about BeanShell, so I've avoided trying to learn
it.  Maybe I'll give it a try.  I have significant java experience (I've
helped develop the app I'm testing, among other things), so if I can't solve
this some other way, maybe I'll dive into the jmeter source.  Would anyone
else be interested in an upgraded CSV config element? ;)  Thanks for your
help so far.
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