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From "Rutherford, Matthew [IT]" <>
Subject JMS Publish Sampler Not publishing msgs
Date Thu, 13 Jul 2006 15:20:39 GMT
I am new to JMeter, and I want to find out if it can be used for testing a middleware app
end-to-end, I.e. publish sampler providing input flow and at the other end (so not the same
topic, maybe even different Provider) have a subscribe sampler recieving the output flow to
test overall throughput of the system.

To begin with I am just testing a single topic, basically one publisher sampler (single thread)
sending the contents of a txt file (a single line FIX msg) to my topic.  I have a subscriber
at the other end (simple command line prog) that displays anything it receives on the topic.

When I run the test, the output txt file from a Graph Results Listener on the JMS Publisher
sampler is: "1152786720851,0,JMS Publisher,message published successfully,0 messages published,Publishers
1-1,,true"  and in the gui it updates the number of samples sent (I have the thread set to
iterate 10 times, so 10 is what it displays).

Why does the output say message published successfully" when it also says "0 messages published"?

I am using tibco jms engine and no file (but I have filled in initial context
factory, provider URL, connection factory & Topic).

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