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From sebb <>
Subject Re: Does jMeter record popup jsf pages?
Date Sun, 23 Jul 2006 16:13:06 GMT
On 23/07/06, Jaw Dat <> wrote:
> hello,
> I'm using jMeter as follows to record parameters to different forms in a
> jsf application.
> Platform profile: SuSE;jMeter2.2;Sun JDK 1.5;Jakarta-Tomcat 5.5.12;
> Mozilla Firefox
> Methodology: Using the jMeter GUI, I define a jMeter proxy server and
> start it,
> then visit the application and navigate its pages using
> Firefox.
> Test Plan outline (i hope the indentation remains intact):
> |- Thread Gruppe
> |   |- HTTP Request Defaults
> |   |- HTTP Auth Manager

Should probably add a Cookie Manager here.

> |   |- jsf page 1 ...
> |   |- View Results Tree
> |- WorkBench
>     |- HTTP Proxy Server
> The problem:
> Some of the forms (all jsf pages) are invoked by clicking on
> links on a given page, eg, by pressing a row's data item,
> a popup opens to edit that row's record.
> The problem is that those popups do not get recorded in the
> test plan, and of course neither do their parameters.
> Why is this the case, and is what i'm trying to do possible
> in jMeter ? (ie, record all the pages i visit and capture the
> parameters sent to those pages?) Because this would save me
> having to collect form inputs by parsing the HTML source of those
> pages. I hope i'm phrasing my question clearly.

Sounds like the pop-ups are being generated locally by the browser,
and do not involve any interaction with the server.

The JMeter proxy can only capture requests actually sent to the server.

Have you set any filters in the proxy? It's easy to accidentally exclude pages.

[Could Javascript can be used to download pages directly from the
server bypassing the proxy? This would explain what you are seeing,
but seems a broken design to me.]

> Thank you in advance for any help.
> Dat.
> PS. How come I don't see my own emails to the list? is that indicative
> of a problem with my subscription?

No, it's a feature of GMail.

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