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From Gaƫl LHEZ <>
Subject Having 1000 threads (also fails with 500 and 200) for the test, and only ~600 in logs
Date Fri, 07 Jul 2006 16:06:15 GMT

I set up a test with 1000 threads (users), and let him run.

- We have one user per 10 seconds, thus the ramp up is 10000
- We have 26 samples, with 2 at least seconds between each
- We have I iteration, which I set in a way that I*26*2 > 10000 (the ramp

I calculated the minimal time per each user (with I = 42), it give 19.000
seconds, which is enough to have for at least 9.000 seconds, 1000 users in
concurrent time.

But this never happens : the max user is 600.

Since, I've got no error in jmeter.log, I don't understand why I can't get
1000 users at a same time ? 

And if you think it's due to the number of threads, it do the same with 200
threads : the max is only 190 (with no httpd error...)

Why won't I get 1000 users concurrently?

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