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From sebb <>
Subject Re: &amp; in dynamic links
Date Tue, 20 Jun 2006 00:13:24 GMT
On 19/06/06, Bennett McElwee <> wrote:
> >>  <a href="">Go</a>
> > Are you sure it's not valid?
> Quite sure. Any ampersand appearing in a text node or an attribute is
> interpreted as the beginning of an entity reference (e.g. &quot;).
> Therefore if you want an ampersand in text or in an attribute (such as
> an href), you must encode it as &amp; (or the equivalent Unicode code).

Thanks - still learning ...
I'd assumed that the quotes protected the &, but clearly not.

On the other hand, the snippet:
<a href="s=1&><t=2">a < & &; > &# </a>
passes, so perhaps it's not always necessary to encode &.

Given that one might actually want to check the actual response, I
think a solution would be to add an option to the RE Post-Processor to
decode the response data before scanning.

Clearly the HTML parsing routines need to be checked to ensure that
any links etc are decoded before being used.


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