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From sebb <>
Subject Re: Jmeter.propeties
Date Fri, 16 Jun 2006 11:53:33 GMT
On 16/06/06, Nikolay.Predko <> wrote:
> Hi
> Many thanks, Sebb.
> Yes, you are right, there is different between using "HTTP Proxy Server" and
> "HTTP Request" because other files are fetched as result of Jscript.
> As I understand I have write new class which will parse Jscript.

Not necessarily.

You may be able to use the Regex post-processor + For Each Controller
if the Jscript is consistently written.

If the links don't change, just use the Proxy to record them once.

Otherwise, yes, you might need to write your own class, e.g. start
with the the class


and amend it to suit. It will be easy enough to extract the Jscript
code using HtmlParser, but extracting the relevant links from it is
another matter.


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