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From Gaƫl LHEZ <>
Subject Thread, and Ramp Up : running X users per Y seconds
Date Thu, 29 Jun 2006 13:12:52 GMT

I'm looking toward a quick way of running X users every Y seconds, without
creating two thread group, with one user every Y seconds.

The ramp up is the delay before each thread to be started, and it only run
one thread per ramp up.

I have a test which does 26 samples, with of minimum pause of 2 seconds, and
the scenario is ran 5 times, so one user (thread) is active for at least 260

I run 1000 threads, with a ramp up of 10000 secs (1 thread every 10s) : the
active thread count is always near 70, and never near 1000 - thing I want in
my test. 

Is there a way to run more than one user per each Y seconds? Or any way to
get 1000 users without running 1000 thread at once?

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